If you are thinking that Amalfi is only a destination for the summer period, you may be surprised to know that you can actually organize incredible Winter holidays on the Amalfi Coast!

We are not joking, with some arrangements, you will have the time of your life in Amalfi during the colder season!

First of all, it is not really cold! Temperatures on the Amalfi Coast are still mild in the Winter period, we are always around the 9-15° C, so you can still enjoy some quality time outdoor, walking on the beach, feeling the fresh breeze, exploring the coast by boat, or going on the famous trekking paths of the area, like the famous Path of the Gods!

The season is not touristy, so you will be in a relaxed and chill environment, where time seems to stop. Spending the Winter holidays on the Amalfi Coast is the perfect occasion to refresh and find your balance, maybe after a stressful and hectic working season.

Going to the Amalfi Coast in winter, lets you explore the area with more tranquility, maybe also daring to drive a car on the amazing coastline, since the streets are less crowded and the traffic gets normal!

And food…ah food! The taste and pleasure of the products of the coast never changes! In Winter time you can still enjoy the deliciousness of goodness such as mozzarella, or go on a wine tasting experience to learn more about the wine production culture of the area.

How can you prepare to have a blast during your winter holidays on the Amalfi Coast?

First of all, start looking for your accommodation in advance, not many hotels are open during the colder season, and it is important not to go unprepared hoping to find something.

A very good solution for the period, is booking a local apartment, maybe in the city of your major interest, and why not, renting a car to be independent and move around at your own pace.

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If Amalfi is your top choice, Hotel Aurora Amalfi offers for the Winter Holidays on the Amalfi Coast a super good location, in the very city center next to the Dome, where you can book a convenient self-catering apartment, just few minutes from the beach and the ferry dock for Positano.

If you are thinking of exploring more cities on the Coast, having a base with easy access to all the transportation ways of the area is definitely the best solution.

The Aurora Apartments come with an on site gym that you can use upon request, and free laundry service. Also, your first breakfast is served, thanks to our welcome package that you will find at your arrival!

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This year do it different,

choose the sea over the mountain!

Oh well, who are we kidding; in Amalfi you will find that as well! 😉


Available from December 20th 2019