The Amalfi Coast is the ideal place for many outdoor activities, a great benefit that we all desire today feeling free and breathing deeply the beauty of the place.
Our busy lives do not allow us any spare time to take care of ourselves, always in a hurry to count down the minutes, we live most of our days in closed places and even more we have been forced to do that in the recent times.
For that we want to suggest outdoor activities on the Amalfi Coast, because the Amalfi Coast combines natural well-being, physical activity, fun, culture and relax.
Whether you are professional sportsman or simply a sport- lover and you believe that body and mind need open space to breathe and to feel free that is the outdoor guide to discover Amalfi coast between physical and mental well-being!

Here’s our guide to discover Amalfi and the Coast for your physical and mental well-being!

Do you love walking or are you a trekking fan?

Outdoor walkings on Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast sports package includes walking tours with naturalistic guides to discover the most beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast including Ravello, The Path of the Gods, Paper Mills Valley, Amalfi’s historic centre without giving up but to the luxury and comfort of our hotel services, including a welcome drink with local wines and products, free Wi-Fi, in-room amenities on arrival such as water, tea and coffee and much more.

From walks in the most picturesque villages of the Amalfi Coast to the mountain paths with breathtaking views of the sea you will find all of the information you need to take a breath of fresh and pure air! (this is the link to the article)

From walks in the most picturesque villages of the Amalfi Coast to the mountain paths with breathtaking views of the sea click this link and you will find all of the information you need to take a breath of fresh and pure air!

Sentiero degli Dei
Flowers, plants, trees are your passion?

Visit the Gardens of the Amalfi Coast

The mild climate of the Amalfi Coast is a treasure for the vegetation in every season of the year. For this reason a visit to the splendid terrace garden of the Coast cannot be missed such as the well-known gardens of Villa Ruffolo and Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, famous worldwide for the stunning views are the icon of the image of the divine coast. We would also like to suggest alternative walks to feel integrated with your botanical tour.

The Amalfi coast is the land of lemons and terrace gardens overlooking the sea, few can be visited but they have unforgettable panorama and plants. In Amalfi, one of the most popular gardens is the Lemon Garden of Salvatore Aceto with limoncello distillery. The cultivation is strictly organic without the use of pesticides with the help of bees and natural products in respect of the nature and the traditions. During the visit the tasting of limoncello and lemon cake under the lemons pergolas must not be missed. Reservations are required and the cost is 30 euros per person for the visit including transport from the main square by electric car.

Another garden unknown by many inhabitants of the Amalfi Coast is the Giardino dell’Anima, a garden composed of 8 terraces that hosts 25 species of citrus fruits, 300 species of roses, aromatic plants, secular magnolias, hibiscus, brooms and scrub Mediterranean (over 1000 varieties). An enchanting place in Tramonti just 15 km from Amalfi, reachable by bus or by car, where the verses of poems written on ceramic tiles are your silent guide. Great is the hospitality of the owners. Reservation is also required.

Gardens on Amalfi Coast
Do you love adventures and sport?

The Amalfi Coast on the water or hanging in the air.

Kayaking is perhaps the most original way to explore the wonderful Amalfi Coast from a different point of view immersed on the water in the blue sea. On board modern sea kayaks and paddling along the coast you will discover hidden beauties and breathtaking views, with the support and guide of an excellent team of local instructors from the Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation. A kind of eco-sustainable tourism that respects the environment and allows you to come into direct contact with the sea, the main resource of our country for sport and fun.

After having touched the sea do you need to touch the air it is time to have a truly adrenaline experience: flying above the Fiordo di Furore hanging a Zip-line that connects Furore to Conca dei Marini. It is possible to make an Angel Flight overlooking the fjord of Furore considered one of the most enchanted places in the Campania area. Ready to gradually slip towards the sea with only the force of gravity in complete safety, among the rocks and a panorama that will remain in your memory forever?

Vacanze sportive costiera amalfitana
Is the sea your great passion?

Enjoy the the Amalfi Coast sea water.

The best way to enjoy the landscape of the Amalfi Coast and breathe the breeze is to rent a boat or a dinghy. They are simple to drive safely but fast at the same time to reach the most enchanting beaches along the coast, many of them only reachable by sea. The half-day trip starting around nine in the morning and returning at lunchtime gives the opportunity to visit much more during your spare time in the afternoon or you can choose a full immersion a whole day and stop for a snack in one of the many restaurants “by the sea” along the coast between Amalfi and Positano. If you want to opt for a day in total relax alone or with friends then Amalfi also offers the chance to rent a more powerful boat with a sailor that includes towels, prosecco on board and a visit to the island of Capri where it is possible to stop and have a swim under the magnificent Faraglioni and to visit the island for a couple of hours.
Price starts from 150 euros to 1000 euros for a boat with sailor, it is not necessary to book in advance but it is recommended to decide when you arrived by checking the sea and wind conditions to enjoy the most beautiful outdoor trips. Do not miss the opportunity to navigate the stretch of sea between Amalfi and Positano, the most suggestive and without particular dangers except to be cautious , because it is a stretch of coast very busy with small, large boats, ferries and sailboats.

Noleggio barche costiera amalfitana

Whether you opt to discover the coast by yourself or with an expert sailor or if you decide to do it by land, there are beaches that you cannot miss to enjoy your outdoor activity program on the Amalfi Coast.

Here is the link you will find our guide on the most beautiful and unknown beaches of the coast. Swimming and sailing along the Amalfi Coast is one of the outdoor experiences that combines vacation and feelings.

Do not spend your holiday without history, art and culture!

Walks to discover medieval Amalfi.

Many visitors do not believe that Amalfi still preserves intact the medieval urban layout until they see by eyes and discover by “feet”. The urban layout of Amalfi develops around a series of tree branches, typical of the Islamic tradition of medieval town with blind alleys, closed courtyards and narrow streets covered with barrel vaults with the houses hanging on the top along the banks of the old river now covered by the road that divided the city in two parts.
The medieval plan of Amalfi can be admired from the top during a healthy walk: for those who want to climb comfortably there is the lift to the Monumental Cemetery, for the bravest there are about 600 steps to get there. The amazing medieval layout of the city opens up.

We strictly recommend to go down walking so that you can discover lemon groves, courtyards, houses with secret gardens, noble buildings, unique tower houses many of them perfectly preserved.

A suggestion: when you are down, get lost in the “labyrinth” of the alleys there is no danger of arrows, hot oil, stones that used to hit you from above and if you do not find a way out, the secret is to go down again and follow the sea way. And do not miss the guided tour of the historic centre every Saturday afternoon, offered to our guests as a symbol of traditional Amalfi hospitality.

Amalfi historical center

Do you think that you need to go outside doing activity and breathing fresh air?

Amalfi and the coast are the place for you this year!