The Amalfi Coast offers naturally the perfect scenario to host a couple vacation, dedicated to romanticism and the beauty of life.

To visit the Amalfi Coast, is itself a unique experience, hard to forget, especially when you drive yourself down the Coast, towards your destination by motorcycle or car. Every turn is a new emotion, with breathtaking views able to leave you speechless, that will remain in your memory forever.

romantic couple amalfi

Hotel Aurora Amalfi is ready to embrace this romantic vibe, welcoming you with a warm hospitality between the walls of its charming bay view rooms, ready to cradle your evenings admiring the sunset, or mornings, enjoying a private breakfast with view over Amalfi, right there in your terrace.

couple holidays amalfi coast

A couple vacation on the Amalfi Coast is even more perfect if accompanied by the romantic welcome offered by Hotel Aurora Amalfi, upon request, to celebrate your vacation in the comfort of your room.


romantic welcome amalfi

And for special evenings in two during your visit to the Coast, we are happy to give you all the best tips about the local restaurants and dining, where to enjoy the flavors of the region.

For a special day instead, we suggest a day trip on a private boat, ready to explore all the hidden enchanted corners of the Coast, why not, down to Capri.

If you are planning your couple vacation on the Amalfi Coast, and are in need of some tips and suggestions for a special arrival in Amalfi, write us now, we are happy to answer to all your needs.