Between the events not to be missed on the Amalfi Coast at the end of August, there is for sure the Byzantine New Year of Amalfi and Atrani.

The event, that transports the two cities in their medieval atmosphere, is always held the last weekend of August, and this year will be August 31st, September1st 2019.

The Byzantine New Year sees the election of the new Magister of the cities Amalfi and the nearby Atrani, famous to be the smallest area-related Italian municipality!

Amalfi and Atrani in August join forces for a unique historic experience, a costume commemoration that involves all the inhabitants of the area but not only, also tourists and visitors are well accepted!

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But what does it mean exactly that there is the coronation of the Doge, does he still exist?

Of course it is a symbolic coronation, where people of culture related to the area are nominated by a commission and voted, to be elected “Doge”, the person better representing the culture of the two cities.

The procession in traditional medieval costumes starts in Atrani and ends on the stairs of the Dome of Amalfi, where there is the coronation, inspired by the historical election of the Dukes of Amalfi in the moment of maximum splendour of the city.

But the event of the Byzantine New Year of Amalfi and Atrani is not only about the medieval costume procession, it also sees many collateral events in the following days, all revolving around the new figure of the Magister, putting at the centre some of the historical features of the two cities.

The Byzantine New Year, in memory of the beginning of the fiscal and legal year in the territories of the Eastern Empire, is indeed an appointment not to be missed during your visit to Amalfi at the Hotel Aurora, and why not, it is worth a visit on its own if you are not already travelling around here!

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The Byzantine New Year of Amalfi and Atrani is an experience that will forever stay in your hearts!