A special moment of relaxation that really means ‘to be on holiday’, where the Spritz talks of Italy and the Dolce Vita. We have chosen for our guests a wide selection of local wines so that they can better understand the excellence of our region, plus the classic Italian aperitifs and Italian beers all with a discount that is always appreciated!

If you are visiting the Amalfi Coast and are looking for a further magical moment to add to your list of memories to take home, the aperitif with a view in Amalfi is an experience that you cannot miss!

After a day spent around excursions along the coast, to savor the traditions and tastes of the area, it is important to take a break and pamper yourself a little, perhaps sipping a good aperitif, even better if sea view!

These are the small moments that create great memories, and here at Hotel Aurora Amalfi we know it very well! This is why we recommend to all our guests on their return from their thousand adventures, to take a moment for themselves and enjoy a good glass of wine on our panoramic terrace, looking at the sea and the last boats that return to the port.

A moment of relaxation that means vacation, where aperitifs like Spritz can still talk about the “Bella Italia” and “Dolce Vita”.

Hotel Aurora Amalfi offers its guests, and external visitors, a selection of local wines to learn more about the sweetness and excellence of the territory they have chosen to visit, the ever-present aperitifs and good Italian beers, with a discount of 20% during the happy hour from 17.30 to 19.30, which never hurts, to make your holiday even sweeter!

If you want to add the aperitif with a view in Amalfi among your travel memories, please write us for any information, to book your room or your table for a drink on our panoramic terrace.

We are waiting for you!

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