For all our rider friends, exploring the Amalfi Coast by motorcycle, between the sea and the hinterland of southern Campania, is undoubtedly a unique experience.

To test this type of trip, we relied on an expert biker, very famous on the web, Simone Romano, who analysed for us, guest of the Hotel Aurora, the most important aspects of a motorcycle trip on the Amalfi Coast.

Hi Simone, how did you like it here at Hotel Aurora Amalfi?

Very well! Staying at Hotel Aurora is great! You are near Amalfi city centre, without being overwhelmed by its chaotic tourist buzz! The welcome of Daniela and her staff was warm and attentive and the rooms overlooking the coast are spectacular! A real treat for those traveling as a couple. And for a biker like me, very importantly, the Hotel Aurora offers a large parking lot where you can keep your bike safe!

What is the first piece of advice you feel to give for those who decide to take a motorcycle trip on the Amalfi Coast?

Well, first of all seasonality! Choose well when to come, if you want to experience the real thrill of these unique roads, overlooking the sea, it is best to avoid the most chaotic periods where traffic is considerable and you risk finding yourself trapped in the street!

What kind of bikers should travel on the Amalfi Coast?

The journey on the Coast is a journey that can be planned by any type of biker, probably the least suitable is the one who, taken by the desire to give gas, thinks that the splendid curves of the Coast are suitable for that type of driving; but NO!
The Costiera is so beautiful that it offers a unique panorama every 100 meters.
Great for a couple trip, but also for the lone traveler who loves to enjoy unique views calmly, savoring every view.

Who should avoid and prefer other ways to visit it?

No doubt the freak rider “pistaiolo”!

What kind of bike do you recommend for enjoying the winding paths of the Amalfi Coast?

The right bike doesn’t exist; a real biker adapts to the bike. The Coast is for all motorcycles, but not for all motorcyclists. Prudence and caution are necessary, the roads are narrow and often their own lane is invaded by the vehicle coming in the opposite direction. It takes a skills and foresight!

Fuel, how is the situation on the Amalfi Coast?

Gas stations are few, I remember seeing one in Minori and one along the road to Praiano. So you need to arrive on the Amalfi Coast with your gas tank filled up if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises …

What tricks are there for a safe ride for those who have never been on the Amalfi Coast by motorcycle and do not know what to expect?

Guys, you need to drive always keeping the right, extreme right. Never get into a long corner and never try to overtake unless you are sure there is a suitable straight. The Coast is insidious.

You came to visit us with your partner Sara, on a couple trip. Can you give us any advice for those who are planning a romantic stay for two by motorbike?

The Costiera is perfect to travel by motorcycle. You can’t run, so your partner will surely be quieter and more serene. In addition, there are unique views. The Amalfi Coast is romantic. Amalfi is wonderful on all of them. Sara especially liked the views, the romantic atmosphere of the seafront and city center, the ceramics to admire and the possibility of renting small boats to enjoy a bit of the sea away from the people.

Let’s debunk the myth of the chaotic tourism of the Amalfi Coast and Amalfi, do you think you can find the right privacy to relax despite the many tourists?

As mentioned above, and written in the various reviews, one of the things I appreciated the most, is the quiet and relaxed atmosphere that Hotel Aurora has given us. When you visit very crowded places you have to decide whether to live in the center to better enjoy the city, but to give up silence and peace, or take a place far away to enjoy moments of relaxation, but then uncomfortable to visit the city. Hotel Aurora is the right compromise; it stands right next to the chaotic center, but it feels like you were in another country, thanks to its unique location!


Thank you for coming visiting, Simone, and having tested for us the experience of traveling by motorbike on the Amalfi Coast, surely other guests will find your advice very useful!

Until next time!